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Our Mission:


We visually brand individuals that possess Potential and rise to the occasion.

Specializing in Web Development, Corporate Content, Television, Editing Services, Scriptwriting Services, Aerial Videography, Marketing and Branding.

Take a look at our documentary This Is For Toronto!

It focuses on entertainment in Toronto and the impact it’s had on the industry.

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Our Mission

To inspire visionaries to make their dreams become a reality. Our creative marketing strategies will motivate entrepreneurs to be the best in their respective field; giving them a chance to empower their ambitions.


Our Impact

The impact we have made on organizations has provided them a sense of relevancy and transformed the way they view their brand. The evolution of a brand takes careful preparation and strategic planning; the process of creation can change lives for the better.



hundred videos produced

We have created quite a bit of content and continue to satisfy our customers with strategies that will appeal to any audience.



Years Serving communities

We take pride in working with non profit organizations and assisting them with promoting their brand messaging.



million viewers on digital platforms

Social media has been the corner stone of our business and allows us to spread our content in the best way possible.


Potential Films Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. The trust placed in us by our customers is absolutely essential to our success. We understand that and do all we can to earn and protect that trust. We do not share your personal information with any outside companies nor collect any information.

Our Commitment To Privacy:

We take customer privacy seriously and do not sell or give out any customer information. We do not keep a mailing list nor distribute a newsletter.