Tips on Editing Drone Videography along with Regular Videos

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Drones have been around for quite a while. They are becoming one of the most popular pass time hobbies, due to their decreasing price and their increasing fun factor!

This also includes drone videography. It is the art of filming videos or taking pictures from your eye in the sky. Numerous drones come with built-in cameras or have an ability to carry a go pro on top of them. This gives you an amazing birds-eye perspective that was, up until now, exclusive to expensive Hollywood productions.

Other than that, Drones can have numerous other exciting capabilities. They can take selfies by themselves, follow a predetermined AI route, and numerous other things!

Drone Videography has skyrocketed in popularity. It is popular among both enthusiasts and professional videographers.

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Before you even go about capturing your next amazing drone picture or video, you really should give thought to what it could be. Editing has always improved our products, and with the editing step in mind, you can create a template that can later be used to produce something breathtaking. There is also ample video editing service available in the market for you to acquire some help with your videos.

How is Drone Videography Different from Regular Videography?

Drones have been around for longer than you might anticipate. The military has employed drones for ages to provide proxy strikes on their enemies and has incorporated this technology ever since the ’90s.

Back then, drones were exclusive to the military for their destructive capabilities and their sheer price tag, which was astounding. Nowadays, drones are much different. From huge and bird looking killing machines, we’ve got small, pacifist, hovering boxes that can take videos and amazing pictures.

Drone photography and videography is different from orthodox photography and videography because it offers a new perspective. All of us have wanted to fly at one point in our lives, but we’ve never really thought it through. This new perspective takes getting used to before you can do anything.

But once you get the hang of it, you’re sure to create some fantastic videos and photos.

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Less Time to Set Up
When it comes to setting up drones to take pictures and videos, the process itself is straightforward. While with a professional camera, you would have to inspect the lighting, mount the dolly, prepare the cameras, spot out the best places, with a drone, this process boils down to nothing.

You need to charge your drone, pop in your SD card and find the perfect place to lift off. That’s basically it. Other than that, you need to find an ideal spot to take pictures. Everything else is as easy as one, two, and three!

Can Be Used Autonomously
If you have a higher-end drone at your disposal, which in itself is not that expensive, you most likely have the auto-pilot option. This is a real lifesaver when it comes to stability. When you’ve found the perfect shot, your auto-pilot is most likely to aid you in finding a couple more in that same area.

Can Cover More Area
The birds eye perspective allows us to do a lot and depending on the type, model, make, and quality of your drone, it can offer you varying area coverage. In almost all cases, drone videography can provide you with a much bigger area of operation than conventional means of videography.

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Sounds Different, Literally
The downside to drones is that they might be amazing at taking good videos from afar in the sky, but their microphones can be a little bit weak, if even existent with the drones themselves flying so high in the air.

Video Quality Can Vary
The video quality on your drone is directly related to its overall condition. The more money you invest in the drone, the more likely you’re going to get some fantastic video and photographs. Cheap drones can’t perform as well as good ones, and that’s a given.

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Bad drone quality is infinitely worse to lousy camera quality, as the cameras have to be small and lightweight. Don’t think of the drone as an expense, think of it as an investment, and you are sure to be just fine.

Seven Easy Tips for Editing Drone Videography
Now that we have established the differences between drones and regular means of videography and photography, we are going to give you some amazing tips and tricks on how to make your drone shots go from unusual to astounding! Here are some quick tips on editing drone videography.

1. Prepare a Pre-flight Checklist
Preparing a pre-flight checklist is a fantastic way to remember all the things you should do while you’re up in the sky. Preparation and persistence is the key to prosperity! Make sure you check all the things that need to be checked beforehand. You don’t want any mistakes!

2. Widescreen Ratio
Hollywood has made widescreen so integrated with quality that it is insane. Some movie studios go out of their way to edit their footage to look like it’s widescreen, just to add a little professional touch to their videos. You can and should do this, too. And, the process has never been more straightforward.

3. Speed Ramps
You often see speed ramp shots in travel commercials, and it’s an amazing effect. You can achieve this effect by enabling Time Remapping on your footage. This will add a keyframe to the beginning of your footage.

After you’ve added your first keymap, think of this as ground zero. Add the second one where you want your footage to start speeding up, and the third one where you want it to slow back down to normal. Move accordingly and add motion blur to emulate the effect of quick movement!

4. Stabilize the Footage
Another huge problem when it comes to drone photography and videography is that the footage can sometimes be so shaky it’s insane! Shaky video does not look professional, and can more often than not ruin your video.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to scrap the whole thing! Go inside of your PowerDirector editing tool software and employ the use of the MagicFix tool. This will stabilize your footage at the push of a button, making it look slick and professional.

5. Contour Text Overlay
You want to add a title to that amazing video you’ve just shot, but you’ve come to the sudden realization that a blocky, brightly colored wall of text can be distracting. There should not be anything that is distracting the viewer from the amazing shot you’ve made, should it?

Conture text is the solution to your problem. To create a hollow, contour text title for your masterpiece, you need to employ the use of the built-in text editor at the top of the toolbar. After you’ve added your text object, you can edit it further to your specifications. Don’t be afraid to play around in this step and find out what works best for you.

1. Motion Blur: Motion blur is one of the most popular effects when it comes to videography. It can artificially enhance movement and make your footage more lifelike in turn. In software such as VSDC, go to the video effects drop-down menu and find the filter option.

Once you’ve found the filters, just choose a motion blur. This will automatically add it to your desired proportion of the video. You can adjust it in the Properties menu to achieve the optimal transparency and level of motion blur.

2. Dolly Zoom: Dolly zoom is an amazing effect. It might look super complicated, but it was never simpler to achieve! If you want to see how to make this amazing effect, you should check out this video.

Drones are a fantastic tool, and if you utilize them properly, you will experience many amazing effects. They can be used as an amazing marketing tool for small businesses, taking you that step further to looking professional.

And looking like a pro is the first step to being a pro! With a drone, it’s easier to convey your message and make yourself appear well established. Your business will boom after you employ your most important robotic employee; we guarantee it!