Sheldon went to Centennial College and enrolled in the field of Broadcasting Radio and Television programming.  After he graduated, he searched for jobs in the filming industry, but couldn't find a job in his field.  He has always been passionate about making music and film. With no videos produced for the music he created, he reached out to Shawn and Johnwoo for assistance. The chemistry went so well that they continued to film and direct together culminating in the creation of the business.

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Johnwoo developed a love for being a DJ when he was 12. He played on various college radio stations. From then on, his love for music switched to producing and filming.  
  He needed a team and realized that his friends Shawn and Sheldon had cameras of their own. He reached out to them and discovered that they had the same desire and dream.

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Shawn started out as a DJ playing at parties and other events.  He continued to DJ for 6 years and then became a promoter and event manager.   He did comedy shows, fashion shows, live concerts and other events. During his promoter period, Shawn noticed he hadn't filmed any of his events and that none of his competitors were filming either.  Shawn saw the opportunity to start his own video company called Potential Films.

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