Outspoken Media Group is a full-service entertainment and multicultural marketing company based in New York City. We build memorable and results-driven marketing campaigns for entertainment and lifestyle brands. We are a minority owned and operated business, and have been providing Outspoken solutions to our clients since 2004. We deliver results with a creative twist that make the invisible visible and provide all of the necessary resources for our clients to succeed. We develop customized marketing strategies that authentically engage African American millennials.

For over 10 years, Outspoken Media Group has been able to successfully influence consumers, garner awareness, and increase bottom line profits for our clients. We help build brand loyalty, leave a positive impression, produce a memorable experience with your brand, and deliver messaging that drives brand affinity. Our team understands how to effectively capture the attention of multicultural consumers by creating campaigns that speak directly to their interests. We also have working relationships with key urban influencers that effect market trends. Outspoken Media Group specializes in experiential marketing, branded entertainment, creative development, digital & social media, public relations, and brand strategy. We are proud to be "The Bridge between Brands and Creativity."