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Ray & Nephew Season 1 Trailer

A feisty old Jamaican man, his no-nonsense Christian wife, and their business-minded nephew, move to Toronto, Canada from Flatbush, Brooklyn – and they are now rich!

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Genetrification as Environmental Racism

Shannon currently serves as the Neighbourhood Environmental Improvement Community Benefits Organizer for Toronto Community Benefits Network and holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning from York University. Shannon is a long-time resident of Firgrove, a neighbourhood in the Jane and Finch area. She recounts her story about how herself and her fellow residents have been displaced by gentrification impacting the community. Her story conveys how the course of actions taken by Toronto Community Housing Corporation and the City of Toronto, leading to the condemnation of the residents’ homes, depict a glaring example of Environmental Racism.



A trailer for the largest event that took place during Toronto’s first NBA All Star weekend.

Take a look at Celebrity Page TV on the red carpet of the 2017 Urban World Film Festival in NYC.


This Is For Toronto 30 Second Trailer

A 30 second trailer about the anticipated documentary This Is For Toronto. It’s available on the streaming network UMC which is a company owned by AMC Networks.



A collection of nights in Toronto’s own Barcode nightclub featuring a few familiar faces.